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In my day to day, I see homes that run the organizational gamut.  Often times, homes are in “”model home”” type showing condition- evidence of  a smart, educated and motivated seller.  But just as often, I see disorganized, borderline messy homes.  And every once and a while, I see a home that’s a legitimate candidate for the breakout cable hit show Hoarders.

Renee Kutner is a master in clutter reduction- or, as her title describes her- a Chaos Adviser.   Her firm, Peace By Piece Organizing, helps individuals and businesses organize and put everything in its right place.  Her well organized Five Questions, below…

Q. One simple organizing tip everyone can use?

A. One tip that can benefit everyone: See what happens if you stop thinking of your closets as a place to store stuff and instead consider them a place to retrieve things.  My Facebook page is full of more organizing tips – check it out and become a fan (and then recommend it to your friends!).

Q. As an Atlanta native, what’s your advice to transplants relocating here?

A. The great thing about Atlanta is that everything is a 20 minute drive away; the bad thing about Atlanta is that everything is a 20 minute drive away!  Pick your neighborhood carefully.

Q. 24 hours riding MARTA, 12 hours driving the Perimeter, or 6 hours walking  up and down Peachtree?

A. Definitely 6 hours walking Peachtree.  I’ve never quite done that, but I did do it for just under 2 hours when I ran the Thanksgiving half marathon one year, and it was such a fun experience!

Q. Is clutter ever fun?

A. Sure, when it’s a clutter of cats!  In all seriousness, I love what I do and for me clutter represents a challenge and a chance to design something new, so I always find it to be fun – as long as it’s not in my house.

Q. Favorite Atlanta neighborhood(s)?

A. This is a tough one.  There are so many great ones, and they’re all so different.  Personally, I love Decatur, Virginia Highlands, Dunwoody and driving by the homes in Buckhead.

Q. What is Peace by Piece Organizing and why is it awesome?

A. Peace by Piece Organizing is a company dedicated to helping people achieve peace of mind through organization.  Rooms, closets, offices, storage areas – we make all the pieces less overwhelming so that you can enjoy your space and get more done within it.  We offer general home organizing (basements, playrooms, kitchens, garages, closets, etc.); home or business office organization (physical and e-mail filing systems); pre-home sale de-cluttering; pre-move preparation; new home and new room set-ups; time and task management coaching; and gift certificates for brides-to-be, new moms, housewarming gifts or other occasions.  It’s awesome because whether you feel buried in papers, you’re sick of being late because you couldn’t find your keys, you park your car in the driveway because the garage is too full, or you’re overwhelmed by an upcoming move, we can all benefit from calming the chaos in our lives.

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