We give him the highest recommendation possible.

My husband and I have purchased property in New York City, upstate NY, Los Angeles, coastal Maine…and In-Town Atlanta with Jon Effron in 2011. He is hands down our favorite and most impressive real estate agent to date. 
With his help we were able to purchase a short-sale home in Lake Claire. This was a complicated deal that took nearly five months to complete. There were numerous entities to be negotiated with…including the original owners, the bank holding the mortgage and their foreclosure team, multiple attorneys and other agents, etc. 
It was a nail-biter of a deal, and honesty we didn’t think it would go through. If it weren’t for Jon it might not have.
He stayed invested and informed during every stage of the process, was uniformly liked and listened to by all parties involved…and despite the fact that it was a shaky deal from start to finish he maintained a positive attitude that made things go smoothly and in our favor. And when we were considering other houses to purchase instead…he advised us to stick to going after the house of our dreams, despite how difficult it was. 
And we got it.
We give him the highest recommendation possible.
Whether you list with him, or shop for your next house with him…you’ll most likely get what you want…