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Atlanta INtown is a local favorite, bringing Atlanta a great variety of relevant local news (people, places and things) through a great variety of mediums (newspaper, email, twitter, internet, courier pigeon).  It’s pretty much the go-to source for the definitive word on “”intown Atlanta””, and its Publisher, Wendy Binns is the straw that stirs the drink.  Who better to chat Atlanta with?

Q. Favorite neighborhood(s)?

A. I live in Poncey-Highland … it gets my vote. Great neighbors who get involved and care about the neighborhood. Other reasons include: proximity to the BeltLine; Freedom Park; Manuel’s; King of Pops; old trees; people walking dogs; Soul Vegetarian; happy kids on the playground; neighbors with chicken coops; a neighborhood Barred Owl;

The Carter Center (check-out the pond and rose garden); cool bungalows; Urban Body is around the corner; good coffee; and, it’s walking distance to nearby neighborhoods with more great food and things to do, like Summerfest, Little 5 Points Halloween Parade and Inman Park Festival.

Q. Mayor for the day: what’s on your agenda?

A. I’d start early and meet with Kasim’s aide to find out what’s on the agenda to cover obligations. Outside of that, I’d aim to help set one thing in motion to help our city down the road. I’d meet with Mary Harrington the City of Atlanta’s Recycling Program Manager and ask her how the mayor’s office can help them achieve their long-term goals. Recycling – like so many other important issues: transportation, water, schools, employment, health – is critical for a future vibrant Atlanta. To me, it would be such a sense of pride if our City could show the nation that a cleaner environment improves quality of living and overall health and vitality.

Q. It’s your last meal in Atlanta – where are you going, and what are you eating?

A. A picnic in Piedmont Park with my husband and our friends. I’d pack a baguette, smoked trout, cheese (maybe from Sweet Grass), olives, cupcakes or something sweet, and a concealed bottle or two of rosé.

Q. You’ve got one day to show off Atlanta to a gaggle of visiting dignitaries- where are you taking them?

A. The day has 2 parts to give a view of Atlanta using art and history.

First, we’d put on walking shoes and walk on the BeltLine from Piedmont Park to Inman Park and enjoy “”Art on the BeltLine.”” Ann Boutwell is Atlanta INtown’s historian and she’d be waiting for us at the end of a walk in a bus to take us on a historical tour highlighting Olmstead’s Linear Parks, Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta History Center, and some cruising through neighborhoods to learn about the history of homes. We’d finish the day at Wisteria for dinner where chef Jason Hill would help us show-off southern cuisine with a special twist.

Q. Simple “”green”” habit that you wish everyone would start doing?



A. I’ve become aware that single-use plastic is everywhere.The GreenPlate organization has taught me that plastic is forever and never fully degrades.It eventually breaks-down and ends up in our water systems where our fish feed on the particles. This is just unhealthy, irresponsible and plain ugly when it ends-up in nature.

And, there’s something we, as individuals, can do about it and effect change. Being conscious of our usage could make a big difference.

Once you look out for plastic, you’ll start to realize that it’s everywhere from ketchup packets at fast food restaurants to those cups for salsa at restaurants to lids on coffee cups. Certainly it’s hard to eliminate, but being aware is a good step to creating better habits. When you can, recycle what you use, try to skip the straw at a restaurant and bring your own bags to the grocery store (those bags, if they end-up in the wrong place, can also cause damage to our city’s expensive recycling machines).

BONUS QUESTION: What is Atlanta INtown, and why is it awesome?

Atlanta INtown is a hyperlocal media company with a monthly newspaper, e- Edition, daily updated website, and social media. It’s awesome because it gives our readers a sense of community and tells them many stories about people, places and businesses that they’re not going to read anywhere else.

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