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1/27 2015

The Midtown Pied-a-terre That You’ve Always Wanted

Our new listing at Cornerstone Village is swoon-worthy.  Sure, it may not be the biggest kid on the block, but there’s just something so… perfect about it.  Chic, industrial, cool… it’s the one, folks.

cornerstone village cool


Great building, too.  They take it to 11 at Cornerstone- they’ve got a screening room!

cornerstone village screening room

And the address?  800 Peachtree.  Heart of Midtown.


$159,900.  To view the full listing, click here.

Make it happen, give us a holler to schedule your showing appointment.

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1/21 2015

870 Inman Condo Prices: A Study In Appreciation

870 Inman is a popular condominium building located in the heart of Inman Park.  Built in 2007, it features what we’ve come to recognize as standard building amenities (pool, fitness center, club room, etc.) and standard condo finishes (granite counters, stainless appliances, faux hardwood).  You know what’s not standard?  It’s appreciation.

Before you take a peak at the graphic below, full disclosure: I’m not making this stuff up.  I literally did an FMLS search on one bedroom condos that sold in the building, by year.  The average sale price was jaw dropping.  I actually re-ran the search two additional times, and had a colleague verify my work.  Ok, now that that’s out of the way…

870 Inman Condo Sales

To those that bought in this building four years ago… I salute you.

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1/19 2015

What Not To Leave In Front Of Your House

If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, some valuable advice-  Make sure that you clean up all random machetes before going on market.  I spied this beauty earlier today:



For the uninformed, that would be a machete.  A somewhat discolored, foreboding looking machete.

If the house sells fast and for over list, then I’m going back for it.  Who knows- maybe the rusty machete will replace the bowl of fresh lemons as the sign of the well coached home seller…

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1/9 2015

New Old Fourth Ward Townhome Project Underway

Sort of.

Drove by this large parcel at the intersection of Glen Iris and Ralph McGill the other day.  Snapped a few pictures of the demolition:

04w `1 04w2

It’s supposed to be the new home of 24 townhomes, built by John Wieland Homes.  The pace of development in this part of town is just stunning.  Multi-family, single family, retail- even office.  You should have cashed in all of your rubles back in 2011 and bought some land in the Old Fourth Ward!

Browse all real estate currently available for sale in the Old Fourth Ward.

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12/8 2014

Keeping It Real… Honest

3011 Appling WayI don’t normally promote other Realtors, but I received a marketing piece from Domo Realty’s Vanessa Reilly today that is too fantastic not to share.  The first paragraph, in particular, is gold:

There is nothing beautiful about this house. It is probably the ugliest little turd you have ever seen. I’m not going to sugar coat the description and waste your time by telling you how “amazing” this handy-man special is, because you would get really pissed off and call me up and say WHY IN THE WORLD DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THAT WAS THE UGLIEST HOUSE ON THE BLOCK?!?! (you’d probably throw in a couple not so nice adjectives too).

She goes on to describe the property and outline the upside (it really is a great opportunity), all the while keeping an honest and straightforward tone.  Well done and worth a major tip of the cap.

Learn more about Vanessa’s “ugliest little turd”- which really does have tons of upside.

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12/4 2014

Welcome To The Team, Erica Gal

Erica Gal RealtorI am thrilled to announce that Erica Gal has joined our team at A Is For Atlanta.  Erica is one of the finest Realtors that I know- she’s whip smart, super savvy and knows the Atlanta real estate market like the back of her hand.  Simply put, if I wasn’t a Realtor and I was looking to buy or sell a home, she’d be the first person that I’d call.  I’m over the moon with optimism and enthusiasm for what’s to come- for Erica, our team and our clients.  A little bit more about the new kid on our block, below:

Erica Gal is an exceptional Realtor.  She’s trusted by her clients, respected by her colleagues and dedicated to her craft.  Erica is a passionate advocate, guiding both buyers and sellers throughout the Atlanta area towards achieving their goals. Her vast residential real estate experience runs the gamut: first time home buyers, investors, new construction and luxury properties. Regardless of neighborhood or price point, Erica’s client-centric approach, attention to detail and commitment to doing things the right way make her a valuable asset to her clients.

Prior to launching her career in real estate, Erica held leadership positions at several leading non-profit organizations in Atlanta, where she honed her skills as an educator, organizer and listener. She was responsible for several successful multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns while also coordinating large scale, community-wide social and educational events. Immediately prior to joining The A Is For Atlanta Group, Erica was the top producing agent at her brokerage. 

A Savannah native, Erica graduated from the University of Georgia.  She lives in Toco Hills with her husband and three children. 

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11/21 2014

Fernbank Elementary Real Estate

If you live in the area served by Fernbank Elementary (Druid Hills!  Emory!  Etc!), you might appreciate the chart below.  I’ve been slicing and dicing data on the area, and thought it would be interesting to see how this year compares to the previous two years:

Fernbank Elementary Real Estate Data 2014


1. This Year Isn’t Nearly As Interesting As Last Year-  As “hot” as the market has been over the previous 12 months, the reality is that the real bump in the market occurred from 2012-2013.  Proof is in the pudding- a 17% bump in average sale price is borderline insane, and makes the .2% growth we’ve seen over the last year look paltry.

2.  $400,000 Doesn’t Buy What It Used To-  In 2012, out of 80 homes that had sold year-to-date a whopping 37 of them sold for $400,000 or less.  For those of you scoring at home that’s 46% of the total market.  This year, over the same period of time?  107 homes have sold, with 30 of them for $400,000 or less- only 27% of the market.  That’s a pretty significant shift, and probably the trend that has had the greatest impact on the market.

3. Luxury Is Back- We’ve seen the number of $1,000,000+ homes sold more than double… and that’s just what we can glean from the FMLS archives.  One only needs to cruise the mean streets of Historic Druid Hills for a few minutes to see that there’s a ton of new construction going on, and many of these homes never make it to market.   Buyers, builders and the bankers that love them are all much more confident today than they were in 2012.

4.  You Snooze, You Lose-  Homes are moving much, much faster in 2014.  We’ve slimmed down from 122 days on market to 63.

The Relevant Linkage

Browse All Homes Currently For Sale Within Fernbank Elementary School’s Boundaries

Talk To An Intown Real Estate Expert About Buying and Selling Your Home

Read More About Historic Druid Hills

Learn More About Fernbank Elementary


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11/18 2014

Atlanta Board of Realtors Market Brief

The Atlanta Board of Realtors just released their latest market brief, based on October’s sales numbers.  The summary, from ABR, in brief:

Supply: Atlanta area housing inventory totaled 16,172 units in October, an increase of 47.9% from October 2013. New listings totaled 4,605, up 14.2 % from October 2013 and 3.8% from the previous month. The supply for sales over a 12 month period remained steady at 4.3 months.

Demand: October residential sales were at 3,609, a decrease of 2.7 % from the previous year. Year-to-date sales are 1.2% lower than in 2013.

Price: As with last month, average and median sales prices continue to outpace 2013’s figures, with positive gains. The median sales price in October was $208,000, an increase of 11.2 % from last October. The average sales price was $263,000, up 8.2% from the previous year.
Atlanta Real Estate Overview

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11/13 2014

Old Fourth Ward Neighborhood Associations

Did you know that the Old Fourth Ward has four neighborhood associations?  It’s not unheard of for a neighborhood to have more than one association, and its important for prospective home buyers to know where, when, and why their future neighbors gather.  Smart due diligence on the front end, and an incredible opportunity to get more involved in your neighborhood after moving in.

map of old 4th ward atlanta ga city of atlanta - Google Maps

More information on each of the association:

Fourth Ward Neighbors

Fourth Ward Alliance

Fourth Ward West

4th and Sand

More information on Old Fourth Ward real estate:

All homes currently for sale in the Old Fourth Ward

Image Credit: Map pulled off the website of the Fourth Ward Neighbors

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