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3/3 2015

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Low inventory, multiple offer situations, eager buyers, overzealous sellers, new construction… it’s an interesting time to be a Realtor in Atlanta.    Everything is humming along beautifully at A Is For Atlanta HQ.  Regardless of what this wacky market throws at us, we’re delivering our clients the goods (and having a great time doing so).  We are incredibly fortunate to be able to work with so many great people, helping them achieve their real estate goals.  Real estate aside, here are some fresh ideas to make the most of your month ahead in Atlanta:  

1.       James and The Giant Peach- Live on stage at the Alliance Theatre, one of my favorite books from back in the day.  A jazzy good time from a Tony-award nominated duo.  

2.      Thursday Nights At Trader Vic’s- Deep in the heart of the Hilton Downtown Hotel, there is a lovely little Polynesian Tiki Bar.  Trader Vic’s Thursday night party  is anchored by The Disapyrimids, who channel Beach Blanket bingo, hot rods, doo-wop and soul while revelers indulge in Mai Thais and Poo Poo Platters.  Future date night, perhaps?  

3.      Phoenix Flies 2015- The Atlanta Preservation Center’s annual event celebrating cultural, architectural and historical preservation is right around the corner. 84 community partners are joining the Center this year for what should be an outstanding, must-attend event.  

4.      OG 97.9- If you live in Atlanta- and chances are, you do- you spend more time in your car than you should.  Add this new old-school Hip Hop station to your presets, it will make your life better.  

5.       Stick Around, Millenials- If you haven’t read this terrific opinion piece by the incomparable Thomas Wheatley, you should.  It touches on demographic shifts, the nature of Atlanta’s future and the importance of a strong public education system.   Definitely worth a few minutes of your time.  

Whatever you choose to do with your “free” time, live life to its fullest.  No dress rehearsals, people.     If I can ever be of any assistance to any friends, family or colleagues in need of an Atlanta Realtor, please don’t hesitate to share my name with them.  I’m their guy.

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2/26 2015

Winning The Multiple Offer Competition

Ask anyone who has ever been the winning contestant in a multiple offer situation, and they’re likely to reflect back on the moment with a feeling of pride and triumph.  I’ve had three “winners” over the past two weeks, and there’s nothing like making the “it’s yours!” phone call to a nervous, highly stressed out home buyer.  The feeling never gets old.

I was trying to articulate the feeling recently to a colleague, and I kept coming back to perhaps one of the most iconic slam dunks of all time.  Ask any sports nerd with a memory of the 1980’s what “Send It In Jerome” means to the, and you’ll get an earful.  Or, you can just view the short video below to get a window in to the joy that home buyers feel when the “win”:

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2/24 2015

Atlanta Market Brief

The Atlanta Board Of Realtors just put out their most recent Market Brief.  It’s an overview of the Atlanta residential housing market a general synopsis of sales, home prices and foreclosures covering 11 counties.  So, it’s perfect if you consider the Atlanta “market” to be the following counties:  Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Paulding and Rockdale.  If, however, you prefer a more local and relevant report… contact your favorite Realtor.

Market Brief graphic below, for your viewing pleasure:

Atlanta Board of Realtors Jan 15 Market Brief

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2/18 2015

Atlanta Homestead Exemption

If you purchased your home in 2014, it’s time to start thinking about filing for your Homestead Exemption.

Homestead Exemption enables you to save a substantial amount on your annual property taxes. In Georgia, you’re entitled to the exemption if you have owned the home and it was your legal residence as of January 1 of the taxable year. You only need file for the exemption one time- once filed for, it’s valid for as long as you own your home.

Do not sleep on this opportunity.  If you miss our deadline, there is no late fee, “do-over” or forgiveness.  You literally have to wait another year before you can take advantage of the massive property tax savings.

  • For everything you ever wanted to know about the Homestead Exemption in DeKalb County, click here. The filing deadline is April 1.
  • For everything you ever wanted to know about the Homestead Exemption in Fulton County, click here. The filing deadline is April 1.
  • For everything you ever wanted to know about the Homestead Exemption in Cobb County, click here. The filing deadline is April 1.

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1/27 2015

The Midtown Pied-a-terre That You’ve Always Wanted

Our new listing at Cornerstone Village is swoon-worthy.  Sure, it may not be the biggest kid on the block, but there’s just something so… perfect about it.  Chic, industrial, cool… it’s the one, folks.

cornerstone village cool


Great building, too.  They take it to 11 at Cornerstone- they’ve got a screening room!

cornerstone village screening room

And the address?  800 Peachtree.  Heart of Midtown.


$159,900.  To view the full listing, click here.

Make it happen, give us a holler to schedule your showing appointment.

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1/21 2015

870 Inman Condo Prices: A Study In Appreciation

870 Inman is a popular condominium building located in the heart of Inman Park.  Built in 2007, it features what we’ve come to recognize as standard building amenities (pool, fitness center, club room, etc.) and standard condo finishes (granite counters, stainless appliances, faux hardwood).  You know what’s not standard?  It’s appreciation.

Before you take a peak at the graphic below, full disclosure: I’m not making this stuff up.  I literally did an FMLS search on one bedroom condos that sold in the building, by year.  The average sale price was jaw dropping.  I actually re-ran the search two additional times, and had a colleague verify my work.  Ok, now that that’s out of the way…

870 Inman Condo Sales

To those that bought in this building four years ago… I salute you.

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1/19 2015

What Not To Leave In Front Of Your House

If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, some valuable advice-  Make sure that you clean up all random machetes before going on market.  I spied this beauty earlier today:



For the uninformed, that would be a machete.  A somewhat discolored, foreboding looking machete.

If the house sells fast and for over list, then I’m going back for it.  Who knows- maybe the rusty machete will replace the bowl of fresh lemons as the sign of the well coached home seller…

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1/9 2015

New Old Fourth Ward Townhome Project Underway

Sort of.

Drove by this large parcel at the intersection of Glen Iris and Ralph McGill the other day.  Snapped a few pictures of the demolition:

04w `1 04w2

It’s supposed to be the new home of 24 townhomes, built by John Wieland Homes.  The pace of development in this part of town is just stunning.  Multi-family, single family, retail- even office.  You should have cashed in all of your rubles back in 2011 and bought some land in the Old Fourth Ward!

Browse all real estate currently available for sale in the Old Fourth Ward.

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12/8 2014

Keeping It Real… Honest

3011 Appling WayI don’t normally promote other Realtors, but I received a marketing piece from Domo Realty’s Vanessa Reilly today that is too fantastic not to share.  The first paragraph, in particular, is gold:

There is nothing beautiful about this house. It is probably the ugliest little turd you have ever seen. I’m not going to sugar coat the description and waste your time by telling you how “amazing” this handy-man special is, because you would get really pissed off and call me up and say WHY IN THE WORLD DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THAT WAS THE UGLIEST HOUSE ON THE BLOCK?!?! (you’d probably throw in a couple not so nice adjectives too).

She goes on to describe the property and outline the upside (it really is a great opportunity), all the while keeping an honest and straightforward tone.  Well done and worth a major tip of the cap.

Learn more about Vanessa’s “ugliest little turd”- which really does have tons of upside.

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