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Real Estate and Capital Gains Tax: What You Need To Know

I recently had a seller ask me if they’d have any capital gains tax implications due to quicker than anticipated move.  The seller is jetting for greener pastures, and while there’s some potential profit in the home sale, the prospect of handing a handful... read more

Morningside Elementary Real Estate

If you’re planning on selling a house in Morningside any time soon, you should be pleased with the chart below.  I’ve been slicing and dicing data on the area, and thought it would be interesting to share my findings:   Highlights: 1. It’s... read more

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Below, the latest and greatest version of our monthly newsletter.  If you’re not yet on the list, easy sign up to your left. Low inventory, multiple offer situations, eager buyers, overzealous sellers, new construction… it’s an interesting time to be a Realtor... read more

Winning The Multiple Offer Competition

Ask anyone who has ever been the winning contestant in a multiple offer situation, and they’re likely to reflect back on the moment with a feeling of pride and triumph.  I’ve had three “winners” over the past two weeks, and there’s... read more

Atlanta Market Brief

The Atlanta Board Of Realtors just put out their most recent Market Brief.  It’s an overview of the Atlanta residential housing market a general synopsis of sales, home prices and foreclosures covering 11 counties.  So, it’s perfect if you consider the... read more