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10/21 2014

Home Prices and School Test Scores

Is there a relationship between home prices and school test scores?  There are several possible answers to this question ranging from “does it matter?” to “how can you possibly take two complex issues and boil them down to dollars and test scores?”.  I’m not going to editorialize too much on the topic, rather, provide the hard data as it relates to Metro Atlanta.

The College Board, the organization that administers the SAT, recently released 2014 test data.  I’ve selected eight metro Atlanta high schools that cover some of the areas that I sell real estate in,  In the left column, I’ve ranked the schools in order of their average SAT score.  In the right column, I’ve provided the 2014 average sales price for single family residences sold within each district.















To be clear, the intention of this post isn’t to overemphasize the importance of test scores- we all know what happens when we do that.  As a Realtor, I’m immersed in this stuff every day and I know that schools are a huge motivator in the home purchasing (and selling) decision.  Schools are not the be-all and end-all, and neither are test scores for that matter… but meshing the available data together certainly provides food for thought.

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10/16 2014

Ansley Park Tour Of Homes

Neel Reed, Legendary Architect/Baller: See one of his designs on tour

Neel Reed, Legendary Architect/Baller: See one of his designs on tour

The Ansley Park Tour of Homes is set for this weekend, October 18-19.  Ansley Park is a showcase of some of Atlanta’s most magnificent homes, and this weekend an all star lineup of eight stunners will be on tour.  If real estate porn is your thing – and no judging if it is – then you’re going to want to make this tour part of your weekend plans.  This year’s tour is an architectural cornucopia extraordinaire, featuring a wide range of styles including Greek Revival, Mediterranean, Cape Cod Craftsman and Dutch Colonial.  As a special bonus, there are three SCADpads on this tour- parking space sized homes built and designed by SCAD students.

The weather this weekend will be phenomenal, the homes equally as beautiful.  Put down the clicker, lace up the walking shoes and make it happen.  It’s not often you get to see homes like this.

Bonus:  Browse all homes currently for sale in Ansley Park 



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10/14 2014

Atlanta Foreclosures: Looking For A Unicorn

Even unicorn barns aren't getting foreclosed upon as often as they used to...

Even unicorn barns aren’t getting foreclosed upon as often as they used to…

Once upon a time, the Atlanta real estate was awash with bank owned foreclosures.  It was nearly impossible to have a conversation about real estate with a buyer client without spending a fair amount of time talking about foreclosures: how many there were (a lot!), how many more were coming (I don’t know!), how much they depress value (quite a bit!) and when would they start going away (hopefully soon!).  In essence, a healthy mix of uncertainty, exclamation points and depression.

These days, I rarely come across foreclosures… and evidently I’m not the only one.  I just read an article in the AJC that noted that foreclosure notices in Atlanta are at a 13 year low.  Crazy, I thought, as I looked back fondly on an era that brought us the premiere of 24, the invention of the Xbox (which I’ve miraculously never played) and the unfortunate passing of my favorite Beatle, the great George Harrison.

Just how far have we come?  A quick snippet from the article:

Notices for this month were down 47 percent from October of last year. They are 81 percent lower than October of 2010 at the height of housing crisis.

If you’re looking for a foreclosure, good luck- they’re about as common as unicorns these days.  Search all Atlanta foreclosures on this sweet custom search I created- I’m calling it the MASSIVE COMPREHENSIVE ATLANTA FORECLOSURE DATABASE.

Image Credit:

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10/9 2014

Atlanta’s Infrastructure Future

Atlanta's solution to potholes hasn't come to this... yet.

Atlanta’s solution to potholes hasn’t come to this… yet.

The City of Atlanta has an infrastructure backlog of nearly one billion dollars.  This means, simply put, that there are a billion dollars worth of projects that have been either delayed or just ignored due to lack of funding.  We’re talking about $25 million worth of handicap ramp replacement/installation projects, millions of dollars of street resurfacing, the replacement of several firehouses and dozens of other projects that city planners and citizens have deemed necessary for improvement.  It’s kind of a big deal.

There’s going to be a bond referendum on these projects in March of 2015 (because, really, why put such an important measure on the ballot in November when voter turnout is so high for the hotly contested Senate seat and the Governorship when you can put it on the ballot in the middle of March?).  This means that there’s a potential tax increase, but a potential improvement of critical city infrastructure.  If you live in the City of Atlanta, you need to learn more about the 304 proposed projects that this bond referendum would help fund:  check out this interactive Atlanta Infrastructure Map to get an idea of where this money will be spent and how it will impact our city.  A few minutes on this site and you will be smarter, and a much more interesting person to chat with at your next cocktail party.

Alternatively, you could watch this scintillating video produced by the City of Atlanta on the subject:

Image Credit: Dr. Pothole


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10/6 2014

Mid Century Madness Near Emory

IMG_1318HDRI have a few compelling reasons why my listing at 1490 Lively Ridge Road is going to knock your socks off.  And it’s not just me, the admittedly biased Realtor.  Even HGTV decided that they had to write a full profile on this mid-century beauty.  It’s just one of those houses, no doubt about it.  So, without further ado, the details:

1. Mid-Century Style For Miles-  They don’t design ‘em like this anymore.  No disrespect, McMansion, but your era just makes everyone sad.

2. Stylish Renovation-  Fully renovated in 2007 so now the kitchen, baths and windows are all lookers…

3. Location! – It doesn’t matter what you’ve got… it’s where you’re showing it off.  This house is literally around the corner from the CDC and Emory.

4. Nature Matters- Not your traditional flat backyard, but a sweet slice of nature in the city.  It’s the perfect private hilltop setting.

5. So Does Size- Four bedrooms, a big old basement rec room and tons of storage.  No need to be cramped, people.

Give me a holler to check it out- it’s not going to last for long.

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10/1 2014

Dad’s Garage Kickstarter Campaign

Dad’s Garage Theatre Company has set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund the purchase and renovation of a brand new, permanent home in the Old Fourth Ward.  If you like to laugh, appreciate live theater, support the arts and love the idea of a permanent improv theater setting up shop in the burgeoning Old Fourth Ward… please consider supporting their campaign.  At the very least, watch the video below:

Search all homes for sale located within walking distance of the soon-to-be-home of Dad’s Garage Theatre.



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9/18 2014

Why Should I Live In Candler Park?

316 Clifton is the best house currently on the market. Keep reading this post to find out why...

316 Clifton is the best house currently on the market. Keep reading this post to find out why…

To live in Candler Park is to love Candler Park.  It’s just one of those neighborhoods where no one ever wants to leave, and where everyone wants in.  Must be the biscuits.

It’s hard boiling down the reasons to live in a neighborhood in to just a few bullet points, but that’s the task at hand (and let’s face it: you’re likely reading this on your phone anyway), so that’s what’s going to happen:

1. The Park Itself- Candler Park is 55 acres of green goodness. It features a pool, playing fields, tennis courts, playground, and a nine-hole golf course.  It hosts tons of great events ranging from movie nights to beer festivals. 

2.  Pedestrian Friendly-  Unlike much of Atlanta (sigh), you’re actually able to walk places in Candler Park. Of course there’s the park, but there’s also a host of restaurants, bars, shops, pools, parks, churches, yoga studios, trails and other amenities that don’t require residents to start their engines.

3.  Quality Retail and Dining- Living in a walkable neighborhood is one thing- living in a walkable neighborhood where you’ve got incredible options to choose from is a whole other ball game. I’m not going to go through the entire roster, but it’s safe to say when you’ve got Fox Brothers, Candler Park Market,  and the original Flying Biscuit steps from your front door you’ve pretty much got all of your food and beverage bases covered.

4.  A Fantastic Neighborhood School- Parents are ga-ga over Mary Lin Elementary School. Hard to quantify the level of passion, but safe to say that this is one school that’s got super passionate supporters and cheerleaders.  And, of course, it’s within walking distance of every home in the neighborhood.

5.  Great Houses- Craftsmans, Bungalows, New Construction, Moderns… Candler Park has a wide variety of fantastic homes.  And speaking of great houses, now that I’ve begun to answer why you should live in Candler Park, I can begin to answer where you should live in Candler Park:  my new listing at 316 Clifton Road.  Tons of great living space, private back yard and walkable to all of the fantastic amenities listed above.  Awesome house.

You ought to get to know Candler Park better- it’s a fantastic neighborhood, with an active neighborhood association comprised of lovely people.

And you should really get to know my listing at 316 Clifton Road better.  Great house, and undoubtedly the best value in the neighborhood right now.  For more information, and tons of pictures, make your way here.   To chat further or schedule a showing, contact me directly.

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8/29 2014

Art On The Atlanta BeltLine

Lantern Parade Madness!

Lantern Parade Madness!

The Atlanta BeltLine just released the schedule for their fifth annual Art On The Atlanta BeltLine series.  The party kicks off the evening of September 6th with the legendary Lantern Parade the ensuing three weeks feature a wide variety of art, music, dance all over the BeltLine.  From the release:

More than 100 installations and three performance weekends make this the largest temporary art exhibition in the City of Atlanta. The work of established and emerging artists will line the Atlanta BeltLine corridor through November 15, drawing the public into unique public spaces and reflecting the character of its vibrant neighborhoods. The exhibition kicks off on Saturday, September 6 with the annual Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade, featuring the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons. The event will begin at 7:30 p.m. with tailgating at the intersection of Krog Street and Irwin Street, and will step onto the Eastside Trail at 8:30 p.m.

If you live in Atlanta, love the arts and have a pulse… you have no excuse.  Make it happen, people.

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8/22 2014

Why Should I Live In Grant Park?

You want to know why you should live in Grant Park, and I’m going to tell you.  But first, I need to tell you where you should live: my new listing at 493 Robinson Lane.

For starters, let’s get visual:

Curb Appeal For Miles

Curb Appeal For Miles

Wide Open, Sun-Filled Living Space

Wide Open, Sun-Filled Living Space










It’s two blocks from the park, ridiculously cute, and it sits on the deepest lot that you’re going to find in Intown Atlanta.  Two car garage, finished basement to indulge your latest hobby (Pickling!  Soul Cycle! In-Law Suite!  Home Theater!), gigantic back deck, rocking-chair front porch straight out of central casting… oh, did I mention that it’s ridiculously cute?  I like this house folks.  I like it, a lot.    Get your eyes on the full listing, and then give me a holler so that I can set up a personal tour.

Now that you dig the house, let’s dig deeper on the neighborhood.  a 48 acre park, the best farmers market in Atlanta, pedestrian-friendly streets, highly acclaimed charter school, hospitable roof decks, classic architecture, delicious scones, civic-minded neighbors, a Zoo and much, much more.  If you live in Atlanta, you might want to check out this weekend’s Summer Shade Festival in Grant Park- it’s probably the best way to get a sampling of what makes the neighborhood so special.

Of course, you could just buy 493 Robinson and get to enjoy the spoils of the ‘hood on a daily basis….

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7/8 2014

How Much Do Schools Factor Into Home Prices?

If these kids were zoned for Decatur High School, their homes might be worth 50% more...

If these kids were zoned for Decatur High School, their homes might be worth 50% more…

Last year, a study commissioned by Redfin found that home buyers were paying an average of $50 per square foot more for “top-rated” schools.  I’m not sure that their methodology or sample group really apply to what I see every day in Atlanta, but it definitely got me thinking: If I were to take the same house, put it on a truck and move it from an “average” Atlanta school to a “top rated” school… what would the price difference look like?  Low and behold, I found such a house.

The City of Decatur recently annexed a few streets, meaning that homeowners who had previously been zoned for Dekalb County Schools have been granted golden tickets into Decatur’s highly respected school system.   There is a home currently on market – priced with the City of Decatur “school premium” – that was also on the market earlier this year when it was zoned for a Dekalb County school that shall remain nameless.

Previous list price: $265,000.  Current list price: $400,000.

For those of you scoring at home, that’s a price increase of $135,000- nearly 50%.  Granted, these are both just list prices- neither assigns a true value to this property, only one particular seller’s expectation of value.  Still, it’s a pretty jaw dropping price increase and given how robust Decatur’s housing market has been over the last few years, I’m not sure that the seller is too far off from what it will eventually sell for.

“Schools, schools, schools” might just be giving “location, location, location” a run for its money…

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